Shenzhen Xiangli Craft Furniture Co.

blackwood furniture

Xiangli group is a strong, professional mahogany furniture group enterprise large scale. Formerly known as the union process, was founded in 1982 in Hong Kong, has now developed into a set of design and development, production, sales in one of the world-class furniture enterprise. For decades, the first after the establishment of Youlian craft furniture factory in Shenzhen Shenzhen Xiangli Craft Furniture Co., Ltd., Hongkong Xiangli group.2013, for the rapid development to adapt to the market, Hongkong Xiangli group brings together 30 years of professional experience in the production of mahogany furniture, accumulate steadily, the grand launch of the Union - Mahogany furniture - home, upgrade the brand Xiangli high-end innovative mahogany furniture mahogany gift.2014, launched the high-end brand 1000 old wood, Chinese to become one of the few high-end mahogany gift brand.2014 in May, the construction of Xiangli investment group Shenzhen rosewood furniture museum opened for the first time in Guangdong Province An official Museum of.2016 at the beginning of the year, the new Chinese mahogany brands Xiangli Oriental came into being, to open a new generation of mahogany furniture trend.